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But first, let me show you what I do

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Happy you've made it this far.  Above you'll see some of my work, but feel free to click around on the site to get a better feel, as well as my social feed to get an idea of who Kris Dontas really is:


You will find I take a light hearted approach to filming, often incorporating humour and witt into many of my videos, but at the same time capturing emotion, expression, and a sense of place.

I am always experimenting, open to new styles, and happy to accommodate to any clients needs or wishes for a shoot.

Life is about learning.


     For the past four years I have been a freelance videographer, working with clients including Lululemon, Arc’teryx, Bn3th, and Tourism Whistler.  These opportunities have allowed me to create a wide range of videos varying in style, meaning and content. Many of these brands required adventure focused outdoor shooting in a range of environments, working with both product and people. 

     I have been shooting on Sony cameras and using the Creative Cloud Suite, specifically Premier and After Effects, as well as DaVinci, but feel confident in relearning other programs if needed.


     Outside of filming I have been working as an Elementary School Teacher in Whistler.  At times, it’s wiping snotty noses and dealing with outrageous behaviour, but ultimately it has provided me with a skillset rooted in teamwork, community building, collaboration and a whack of patience. 

     This role requires me to be calm, present and focused on daily tasks. As well as being flexible with what problems might, and will, present themselves; and quickly find a solution.  I know these experiences will be an asset in working with your team to become a cohesive and efficient community, and allow us to create amazing content.



     But above all I am most excited to work with these brands. Simply put I have, and always will, live the action sport lifestyle through and through.  My passions follow the seasons, in the winter it's snowboarding and splitboarding, and as the temperatures change I swap for my skateboard and surfboard.  I grew up racing sailboats and spent a good deal of time on the water in summers as well.  

     On a more business level, I have worked at several retail locations from a small core skate shop in Northern Ontario, to the main shop in Whistler Village.  All the while selling all of the brands involved with Boardriders. Simply put, I live and breathe the lifestyle you sell, and understand its culture, its product, its feel and I am excited to share that through videos.


"We’ve been lucky enough to put our full scope of trust into Kris when dreaming up content for our brand. He has an affinity for quickly understanding our brand vision and goals but is also able to put his own unique spin on the content. Every piece we’ve been able to create over that last two years has been done in a timely professional manner and has been top quality. Kris’ unique vision and genuine persona is reflected in his work always, and he’s been great at improvising in a time where messaging is constantly changing and strategy shifts need to occur."



I hope you find that my experiences and skills meet your needs for this position, and patiently await your response.

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