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Full length Video

This type of content is your traditional video, ranging from 30 seconds to several minutes in length and vertical or horizontal (or both in some cases!).  These can be used on social channels, Youtube and websites.

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The Package

"I want to make a video and have many uses for it"

"I have a larger story to tell"

     This package is focused on longer length videos that can be repurposed to fit a variety of channels.  Ideation can come from creative briefs from clients, or built up myself.  We focus on one major video and are able to recut and create multiple assets that can be used for a variety of purposes.


    It's not just one video.


    A typical package will look like this:

One (30sec to ~3min) Video, any orientation

Several (5sec - 20sec) Recuts for Reels / Tiktok, vertical

Several Screenshots for story or static posts.

     This type of package Is very similar to the short for videos where we can follow the Directed / Creative / Re-cut formats, but the major difference is intended use and length.  

     In this package I can use my creative juices to come up with my own idea, or easily follow a creative briefing from a client.

Sample Work Flow: 

presentation of briefing /or/ creation of video brief >

filming process> feedback and revisions

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Vegano - Professional Video
The Ravens Room - Accidental Crop Top
Tourism Whistler - Stoked
Arc'teryx X Coast Mountain
Vegano - Table For One
Tourism Whistler