You've made it this far, woo! Please take the time to review my submission for Nikki's adventure buddy.  You'll see some photos and read just why Kris, is totally one hundred and three percent suited for this position.

Who is this Kris Dontas Anyways

     Kris was born at a young age in Corunna, Ontario.  A small town in South Western Ontario.  His childhood was much like Peter Pan - off in his head on adventures to distant lands, creating unique creations from lego or acting out dramatic recollections form this favourite books or movies.  


     His mother is an artist and a teacher, his dad, an architect turned welder.   He has one awesome brother who is his best friend. 


     He lived in one home until university.  A small cottage on a lake with many boats, canoes, kayaks and an incredible number of homemade boards to tow behind a boat.  This is where Kris found his love and connection for the water.  He grew up snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing and boating nearly every day the summer weather would allow.      His true passion and focus for much of his life will become sailing.  Where he dedicated an enormous amount of time racing and coaching during the summers.  In winter he spent time on the hill beside the house snowboarding and riding his GT snowracer. It wasn't until after University, after attending Lakehead in Thunder Bay,  when he heard the call of the mountains in BC.

Who is he now?

     Kris listened to the call of the mountains and left with his brother and childhood friend and moved to Whistler in 2012, where he still currently resides.

     He fills his time with as many outdoor activities as he can jam into a day.  And as a result he has accumulated a shit load of skills and gear.  His storage room is currently filled with:

- climbing gear

- way to many snowboards

- exactly three surfboards

- three wetsuits

- skateboards

- snorkles

- sailing gear

- a tennis racket

- dirtbike helmet and gear

- mountain biking equipment

- a broken camel bag

- too many shoes and boots for all the sports

- a jacket for every occasion and sport

- and an assload of camera gear

- one Banjo

- two Acoustic Guitars

And literally so much more for all of the different activities he gets up too.

     Kris has spent the last nine years living in Whistler, splitboarding, camping, biking and exploring the Sea to Sky and Vancouver Island areas.  He is down for any adventure anytime. But his heart is deeply connected with the water:  


His happy place, and his patronus, would be the feeling of being underwater.

     His main passions are sailing and surfing - to the point where he is second guessing everything to pursue these passions.  Lately he has been chartering sailboats in Desolation Sound for trips, including his filming for discounts (woot) and is wanting to figure out a way to sail to surf. 

Sailing around the world? Who knows?

But at the moment his goals are something like this:

- Buy a surf shack on the island and air bnb it out, rent it out as an event space, and curate the shit out of it.  Ideally Jordan River

- Buy a sailboat and sail to surf, figuring out. way to utilize his filming as an income along the way!

- Continue to have the Sea to Sky as a home base between adventures.

- Perhaps an online Masters program where he can travel and study, while taking an "Education Leave" from his teaching position to keep a foot in the door?

But does he have a job?

     Currently Kris lives a Batman / Bruce Wayne life in Whistler.  By day he teaches elementary school down the street from his house, by night he defends the streets from the crime syndicates of the Sea to Sky - actually not really, thats a lie.

     Kris actually works as a freelance videographer creating a wide range of videos for a even wider range of clients.  He's stoked on this, loves, it and hopes that it might take him away from the monotonous 9 - 5 work that the teaching world has to offer.  He loves thinking of creative ways to document a trip, find a funny spin on a product, or just capture a moment. 

Wow, he seems like a real catch, but what's he like?

     Kris is unfailingly positive, happy, and kind - full of energy, and always able to see the bright side of everything.

Kris has a bottomless pit of energy.

He doesn't ever nap.

He has an incredible sense of direction.

He can fix just about anything, and has lived a life of renovations and McGivering

He loves to talk to strangers and sparks conversations with anyone, anywhere.

He lives for early mornings and coffee.

His drink of choice is tequila, straight. 

He loves to drive during road trips.

He loves to grow his own food, and was once a bee keeper for a year.

His one true love is Pizza, which he makes frequently.

He listens to a wide range of music from Death Metal to Les Miserable soundtrack, and everything in between.

He loves to cook, loves to host people and entertain.

He is a nerd at heart, and believes the Holy Trinitiy is Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

He would love to be a university professor in a faculty of education as a retirement plan after he's done everything on his to do list.

He loves boardgames. 

He loves his family.

He is really good at tying knots.

He is awful at speling, and makes bad jokes often.

He quotes Monte Python often.

But above all, he's happy and just stoked where his life is, who he is, and where he is going.  And he'd really like someone to join along on the journey.

Please consider his application for adventure partner, and if there are any questions, just ask.