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Dontas Media is a Canadian film agency based in Whistler, BC. Our specialty lies in adventure tourism, creative brand advertisements, and luxury real estate videos.  We are excited for the opportunity to work with the Sea to Sky Gondola on their Summer 2022 campaign! Our vision for the campaign is a high pace, exciting video that showcases many of the amazing experiences the Sea to Sky Gondola offers on a regular summer day.  From this main video, each experience will be able to be recut into its own short piece for more content.

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  • One Hero Video

    • Highlight video showcasing location and overall experiences 

    • Two cuts: 30 second and ~1 minute lengths​

    • Web and social orientation

  • Shorts

    • Short video of each specific activity or experience

    • 15 to 30 seconds length each

    • Web and social orientation

    • Optional linking theme to create a video series

  • Story clips

    • Fifteen unique video clips

    • Optimal use for social stories,  posts, and website

    • 15 seconds each

    • Social orientation 

Main Highlight reel with Pacific Sands

What's the plan?



The essence of our main video is to have a "sweeping", cinematic,  high movement video, that showcases each of the activities and attractions the Gondola has to offer on a summer day.  Each activity and location will utilize different talent to touch on each user demographic for the Gondola.


The main video will begin on the Sea to Sky Highway, showcasing the proximity to the city and beautiful views of the Sea to Sky.  From here, the video takes off as we essentially 'gain elevation' and move our way through the Gondola space, moving from buying tickets and uploading, to the views, food and beverage, and main attractions. 

Transitions between locations will utilize expansive drone footage, gimbal work, and clever angles to have each participant framed in the background of the previous shot to keep the pace high for engagement.  Focus on macro and micro will be utilized to reach the desired feel and showcase the full space.

This video would likely do well with natural sounds flowing into each other as we move through each environment, not relying on music to drive emotion. 



Each short will dive into a longer recap of each activity at ranging durations.  Here we have opportunity to get creative in creating a 'series' to be shared over a period of time, as each of these videos could follow a similar theme and style. For example: 

- We could show each participant smiling at the camera before their sequence beings, perhaps graphics pop up with names and preferred gondola activity

- Each sequence starts with a wide shot of the gondola area, a graphic pops up to a location and a title (views, suspension bridge, etc.) as we zoom into that space and showcase the talent experiencing the space.

- It could also be simple reels like we have done for Pacific Sands in the past that rely on stunning visuals to tell a story.

Regardless of the theme, these shorts will be available for each section as stand alone pieces from the main video. 






Please contact us at:

We look forward to continuing the conversation and getting creative!

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