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Short Form Video

After working with a large range of clients, I have created three packages to best assist the variety of needs for video creation.  Based on vision, experience, direction, and intended use, one of the three packages will best suit your needs.


"Leave it to me, I'll make something awesome"


"Tell me what you need, give me a brief and I'll make your dreams come true"


"Send me your footage and I will recut something spicy"


"I have a creative brief that we have prepared with our team"

"I need someone to create the vision we have"

     A directed video usually involves a vision or initiative created by the client.  More often than not they have prepared a creative briefing or storyboard with their team which they will then present to me. From there, we collaborate and check in on logistics and specifics before I begin shooting the piece as planned. 

     This type of package the client is in the drivers seat, they have the vision and direction, and I am here to see it come to reality.

Sample Work Flow: 

project proposal from client > collaborative creative briefing > video creation> feedback and revisions

     In the past, these packages typically include a range of video lengths such as a major 'showcase' piece upwards to 1min in length, and several recuts of 4 - 10 seconds in length to increase content.

Goal: Maximize amount content from shoots to provide higher quantity of assets


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